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Zend_Form apply Zend_Filter to all form elements

By Mark Davidson on May 28th, 2010

So recently at work I have been doing a lot of work with the Zend Framework, but I was having some issues with magic_quotes_gpc
being turned on in the PHP configuration of the server. The easy thing to do would be to disable magic_quotes_gpc in the php.ini and that solves the issue. However this was not an option in my case, as I didn’t want to fiddle with the configuration in case it broke anything else.
I had a look around for a solution and found one on Phil Brown’s Web Development Blog his post
Zend Framework Forms and magic_quotes_gpc which explains how to use Zend Filters to combat this issue. His solution works perfectly but you have to set the filter for each form element individually and I found this a bit of a chaw.
So I looked around to find a way of applying it to all elements within the form.

Here is the solution I came up with this is all the code you need to get it working. I am doing this for the Strip Slashes filter but will work with any standard or non standard filters.

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Building Netbeans from Source under OS X 10.6

By Mark Davidson on February 27th, 2010

Here is a quick run down of how to build and run Netbeans from source under OS X 10.6. I highly recommend giving this a go as there are always lots of good features being added to Netbeans at the moment I am trying out the Zend support in the latest version.

  1. Install Ant & Java SDK I did this by installing the OS X developer tool kit or follow the guide here
  2. Download & Install the latest version of Mercurial –
  3. Clone the main branch
    `hg clone`
  4. Create a .antrc in your home directory and add `ANT_OPTS=”-Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m”` to the file.
  5. Change into the directory main
    `cd main`
  6. Then just run ant
  7. It takes about 30 minutes the first time on my MacBook Pro if it builds with no errors your good, to run it you need to run the built file `./nbbuild/netbeans/bin/netbeans`