In the shared house where I live for the last year been running a server for storing files and as a place to do any big downloads too. Recently we noticed are electric bill had got quite expensive so in attempt to cut the bills we started looking at what drains the most power in the house. Naturally we found the server to be one of the biggest drains as it runs at about 150W ideal. As a result of being an old desktop with a AMD X2 3200+ processor in.

So to cut are electric bill by a bit, I set out to find a replacement. My criteria for the replacement being low power usage, quiet, RAID Support and having at least 4 HDD bays.

Matching these criteria  I came up with a 2 possible choices the Data Robotics Drobo FS 5 Bay Stoage Robot priced at around £550 and the Synology Disk Station DS410j priced at around £260.

My choice between these two products came simply down to pricing although I had heard a lot of good things about the Drobo but at over double the cost of the DS410j for me this was just not a valid option.
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