VPS.net celebrated their 1 year bithday earlier this week and they have given all new and existing customers an upgrade to celebrate this occasion.
Instead of 400Mhz of CPU per node it is now 600Mhz and instead of 256MB of RAM it is now 376MB.
I think this is really good move by them it makes the pricing a lot more attractive to a lot of people and I hope they gain a lot more customers, which will give them more funds to continue improving as they have done over the last year.

They are doing the upgrades as of today at all data centers except UK Cloud – Zone A which will come in a few weeks when the all the VPS’s currently located there get moved to another Cloud. I just rebooted this server which is in Cloud B took just a few minutes and now gained my additional CPU and RAM.

If your not a VPS.net customer yet I suggest you check them out at vps.net. If your going to buy from them please use my affiliate link vps.net and this discount code AV408K which gets you 25% off the first month.