A really quick post this one as I can’t find any documentation on it but thought it was fairly cool. If you use the “SHIFT + ALT + {” keyboard shortcut combo it does autocomplete to match all the files / folders in a directory or some of the files / folders if you have already started typing. Not sure if that makes any sense so an example is in order.

So say in your directory you have the following files ( This is my Zend/Validate/ dir incase anyone wonders)

Abstract.php  Alnum.php        Alpha.php         Barcode         Barcode.php
Between.php   Callback.php     Ccnum.php         CreditCard.php  Date.php
Db            Digits.php       EmailAddress.php  Exception.php   File
Float.php     GreaterThan.php  Hex.php           Hostname        Hostname.php
Iban.php      Identical.php    InArray.php       Interface.php   Int.php
Ip.php        Isbn.php         LessThan.php      NotEmpty.php    PostCode.php
Regex.php     Sitemap          StringLength.php

In this directory if you just do



While if you type a “C” then do it you get


I appreciate its not the most amazing thing in the world but can be pretty handy when you need something a tad more custom than a stand * wildcard. If anyone else knows of some cool keyboard shortcuts for Ubuntu I would be interested in hearing them I have not found any other site that documents this one so I would be interested to know if other people have come across any where that does talk about it.

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